PJ Maybe

Monterey County Paramedic

I used Code 3 Coaching for panel interview prep and it helped give me insight into a more effective manner to approach fire department panel interviews.
I felt a better understanding of not what the, "right answer or response" the department I applied to was looking for, rather the, "right response for me personally."

Lindsey Marshall

Civilian CPR Class Student

Thank you soooo much for the informative and very helpful CPR class last month. A couple of weeks after taking this class my uncle choked on a piece of potato salad, and was in need of assistance. Because of the training, without hesitation I began to do the Heimlich and was able to clear his airway. I am so grateful for this training and that I was able be there to help save his life.

Danny Villicana

Stanford ER EMT/Firefighter Candidate

Adam sure goes above and beyond to set you up for success on all your fire and EMS needs. Not only are his classes and sessions fun and comforting but he really does go out of his way to find out what works best for you to learn the material. Can't thank him enough for his time and patience on helping me successfully pass my NREMT, CPAT and land me a job at an EMS agency!

Matthew Altamirano

Hollister Firefighter

Adam is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and patient! He caters to your learning needs and will gladly put time and energy into your process.  I was interviewing for about 3 years, I spend some time with him and my next interview, BOOM, I was given a given a conditional offer! Without his interview prep and insight to the process and sitting in on oral boards, I would not have received this opportunity! He knows what he is doing. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any of your Fire and EMS training needs.

Patrick Largo

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

I've known Adam for a very long time and he One of the nicest and friendliest people I know. He is also a wealth of knowledge! I used him to renew my CPR card and got my card through email shortly after. I learned so much from him that no one has taught me throughout the years. You will have a blast speaking and learning from him. Highly recommended for any help needed in the EMS field!

Matt Avilla


Great experience and training. The Fortino's really want you to succeed with your future.

Jaron Scott

Firefighter Candidate

Code 3 Coaching is the best in the Bay Area! Adam teach's with confidence and compassion , I have advanced in my skills testing ability. I would recommend his training for future first responders.

Garrett Cuffel

Santa Barbara City Firefighter

I was new to considering a career in the fire service and I came to Adam for career advice and interview preparation. My only prior interviews were in the business world, which I soon found out is nothing like those in the fire service. I was intimidated to ask for advice at stations from people I had no connection to.

Adam provided me the mentorship that I will never be able to thank him for. It was amazing to have an active firefighter guide me through the process, and help me communicate my life story in a firefighter interview setting. He provided me a packet to fill out, that became a foundational resource. From there, he breaks down the essentials, and gives you constructive feedback while encouraging you to show your own personality and tell your story. As you get comfortable with the basics, he does an excellent job at getting more critical to continue your growth and preparation for any question.

After working with Adam, I got Chief's interviews on 3 out of the first 4 departments I applied to. I am currently in backgrounds with a department, and am continuing to get interview offers. I owe a great portion of my success to Adam's program.

Outside of his business, Adam genuinely cares about your success, and goes the extra mile to help out those that are excited about a career in EMS. I could not recommend him more, he is an incredible person, and an even better mentor!

Ethan Ogle

Gilroy Firefighter

If you're looking for a resource to prepare your mind and soul for that moment when someone else's life is literally in your hands, Adam's CPR training is a must. The man's heart is in it and he is an extremely patient and articulate teacher. This man has had field experience with me personally performing CPR and he does it well and can easily relay to his students the science and mechanics of CPR.

For Firefighter process preparation, Adam is easily the go-to guy. He takes the time to learn your story (professionally and personally) and help you package your strengths and selling points. This man empowers you during your job-searching journey and gives you valuable insight towards being a undeniable choice for a firefighter position.

Fortino's Fire and EMS Training gives you a sense of hope during your journey to the job offer and is certainly worth the investment.

David Sanchez


Code 3 Coaching is great. Adam gets the point across really well and makes it fun to being learning the latest and most up to date information out there. Its a great place to gain that confidence you need to have that extra edge to pass your interview panel or make you more confident in your CPR skills.

Miles Reece

Firefighter Candidate

Adam is very knowledgeable and I really liked the way he explained everything in detail, but didn’t overwhelm the group with words we didn’t understand. The hands on train was great and Adam made sure we all had the right technique before moving onto the next training.

Tom Sanchez

San Jose Firefighter

The oral interview has always been the most challenging step in the firefighter application process for me. I always seemed to wash out at the interview step. I sat through several firefighter interview preps with Adam and received feedback that was priceless. He pointed me in the right direction and I went into my most recent oral board interview with a confidence I hadn’t had in previous interviews. I’m happy to say that I finally made it to a chief’s interview and passed that too! If you’re in the application process for a firefighter position, do yourself a favor and seek assistance with the oral interview step from Adam!

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