The Guardians

The logo is a depiction of the great bison buffalo. This animal is rich in history and is a head down, thick skinned protector. When the bison encounters adversity then put their head down and work until they come out the other side. When a bison gets backed into a corner, they don't push the young, weak or underprepared in front of them to save themselves. They circle up, they use each other, and they protect those who cannot protect themselves. Lesson upon lesson those who were once the protected, will become protectors.


In the fire service you will need to understand and respect our rich history. You will need to maintain a thick skin and keep your head down during adversity. We can't do everything alone though, when we get backed into a corner we need to shoulder up with our brothers and sisters to protect those who can't protect themselves. Lesson upon lesson you will become the leader, the teacher and the protector.

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