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Image by Nick Dunlap


Code 3 Coaching is a modernized approach to interview prep designed for firefighters, EMS, and police officers to land their dream job.

The logo is a depiction of the great bison buffalo. This animal is rich in history and is a head down, thick skinned protector. When the bison encounters adversity they put their head down and work until they come out the other side. When a bison gets backed into a corner, they don't push the young, weak or underprepared in front of them to save themselves. They circle up, they use each other, and they protect those who cannot protect themselves. Lesson upon lesson those who were once the protected, will become protectors.

In the fire service you will need to understand and respect our rich history. You will need to maintain a thick skin and keep your head down during adversity. We can't do everything alone though, when we get backed into a corner we need to shoulder up with our brothers and sisters to protect those who can't protect themselves. Lesson upon lesson you will become the leader, the teacher and the protector.


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Adam Fortino

Firefighter Paramedic

"After I was hired, I had groups of people I knew and some that I didn’t come to my house and do group interview prep practice. Some came consistently and some here and there, but it was open to anyone who wanted to listen. As time went on people would ask if I had any info or work to do while they were home so they could come back better prepared. That is when I made my first workbook, it was 8 pages, and I was proud of it. I gave it to everyone that wanted it, and they seemed to find it helpful. I did all of this for free because I really just enjoyed it and I felt that it was my duty to give back like so many did for me.


Public service jobs are interesting and unlike so many other industries. You may not be hired if you are the most qualified, you may be passed over for the person who just made a better impression but was just barely qualified. In the public service world, once you get an interview, they are ready to hire your level of qualifications. You now need to convince them that they need to pick you over the potentially 2,000+ other qualified people at your same level."

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